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taiyoukai143's Journal

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  • taiyoukai143@livejournal.com
There's nothing really interesting about me. I'm normal, I go to school, get decent grades...normal every day things.

Or is it true?

Could I be some secret genius who lurks in the every day crowd to spy on the knowing but oh so easily fooled society of today? No one knows.

And yes, that WAS CRACK. And I understand if you think I'M on crack...it's normal. Get over it.

On to the REAL profile:

My name is not important, my age isn't either. Nor is any of my personal info. ^~ However I will tell you that I am 100% Japanese and very proud of the fact. Borderline obsessive if you really want to know. I LOVE Jpop/Jrock even though I can't understand it. I LOVE Anime and manga too. I HATE people who judge you for the wrong reasons and I especially HATE preaching arrogant sods who can't get the idea the first time through.

Other than that though, I'm about as normal as the word 'normal'. *thumbs up*